How to print content inside a HTML div?


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I have a page and in it the content I want to print.

I created a Javascript command, but this command prints the whole page.

Is there any way to print only the contents of a div?

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Unable to select a div for printing with Javascript, because this is not a function of it. There is a solution that uses only CSS:

@media print {
  body * {
    visibility: hidden;
  #printable, #printable * {
    visibility: visible;
  #printable {
    position: fixed;
    left: 0;
    top: 0;

Thus, only what is within this element printable in HTML will be displayed.

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    The last rule cannot be problematic if the #printable is inside another element already positioned? It would not be safer to use fixed?

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    Yes, you’re right, here I assumed that the element is not inside another with position: relative;. For this reason I edited my reply, thank you.

  • Wouldn’t it be better to replace #printable for .printable? He may need to assign this property to more than one element at some point.

  • @Calebeoliveira, in the question he asks "only a div". Even so, this method would not work for more than one div.

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    One pattern currently is to have a style sheet for the "print version" of the site and a standard sheet. This matches nicely with this response.

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    This solution does not work if you have content that gives more than one printout sheet!

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var conteudo = document.getElementById('sua_div').innerHTML,
    tela_impressao ='about:blank');


This code must be executed only when triggering some mouse event, otherwise the popup blocker will block the action.

Works very well. Test!


  • Ok, but what if you want to preserve all the CSS that was loaded in the <head>?

  • @Slowaways In this case it is better to use css @media print, as the answer above


The solutions presented above are not as flexible.
They present at least one of the listed problems:

  • No support for printing large content that gives more than one sheet
  • Remove all CSS already processed

I present here my solution using jQuery:

JS Code:

function printBy(selector){
    var $print = $(selector)

    // Stop JS execution

    // Remove div once printed

CSS style:

@media print {
    html, body {
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;
        border: 0;
    #printable {
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;
        border: 0;
        font-size: 14px;
    #printable ~ * {
        display: none;
  • Perfect the solution! Thanks for sharing!!


In short:

function cont(){
   var conteudo = document.getElementById('print').innerHTML;
   tela_impressao ='about:blank');

<div id="print" class="conteudo">
// conteúdo a ser impresso pode ser um form ou um table.

<input type="button" onclick="cont();" value="Imprimir Div separadamente">


  function printDiv(divID) {
        //pega o Html da DIV
        var divElements = document.getElementById(divID).innerHTML;
        //pega o HTML de toda tag Body
        var oldPage = document.body.innerHTML;

        //Alterna o body 
        document.body.innerHTML = 
          "<html><head><title></title></head><body>" + 
          divElements + "</body>";

        //Imprime o body atual

        //Retorna o conteudo original da página. 
        document.body.innerHTML = oldPage;


And you can also use a pop-up.

    function printDiv(divID)  
        var conteudo = document.getElementById(divID).innerHTML;  
        var win =;  
        win.close();//Fecha após a impressão.  
  • Your first method may cause incompatibility if you use Javascript to control some elements or use third-party "widgets". Not to mention CSS would lose its styling.

  • Another formula that may work is to insert a white div over the entire page and insert the div you want to print into it. Preserving the rendered code.

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