What is Headless Browser?


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I am creating a program to compare prices in Nodejs, and in my researches I came across this term, what would be Headless Browser and how it works?

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Headless Browser (Direct translation - Headless browsers)

Headless Browser This just means that there is no graphical user interface (GUI). That is, it is a web browser without a graphical user interface controlled programmatically, it is usually used for automation, testing and other purposes.

Now let’s see; The server returns files or scripts Javascript injected into a response HTML and the browser processes them. Now, this is a problem if we’re doing some kind of Web automation, because more than ever, the content we’d like to see is actually rendered by Javascript code and cannot be accessed from the unprocessed HTML response that the server delivers.

Now, what if we could take advantage of this functionality for our needs and have a way of controlling browsers programmatically? This is exactly where the automation of Headless Browser!

A list of (almost) all existing Headless Browser.

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