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I’m doing some frames with the help of CSS Triangle to get to the point I need. But when I insert the text inside the BOX, it is misaligning. My intention is that the text aligns inside the BOX as per print.

Follows the jsfiddle.

  • But it’s already like this.. I made a normal div, and put a :before to make the element of the triangle to simulate a cut. But when I insert the text inside the div, it breaks with this :before. Take a look at the fiddle I put...

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Missing put < p> in position:Absolute.

Example.: https://jsfiddle.net/jotkf2jn/1/

I put on top and left just so I didn’t get on the curve.
I couldn’t open the image to see what was intended.

  • here opened right the print... strange

  • worked right... thank you!

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