How do I do SEO?


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I started a blog not long ago, but long enough to have visits, 2 months ago, but I don’t have any! And I’ve written 10 articles! They told me I had to invest in the site’s SEO unless I wanted to pay for Adwords. I don’t understand any of this, but I’m not in the mood to spend money right now, until I’m broke....

What is SEO? How does it work? How do I do it?

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    Being the devil’s advocate, a comment to complement the answer given: SEO is something that happens naturally when you set up a website and do the "homework", which is to organize the information, titles, well-used keywords, and objective text. Then there was a class that invented "being an expert on the subject", which frightens me a little, because being "SEO professional" is like being a mechanic who only knows how to work the front left brake of blue Kombi 1962. So the suggestion is: be a good blogger, study SEO, write well and organize your pages, that the best SEO is content.

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    Vlw Mr. Bacco, I will make sure to follow all your tips. I am new to the subject, but I want to do the right thing, until pq to no money, kkk

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    Over time, keep researching and getting acquainted with the subject, but always with the content first. The techniques are a complement, which is good for you to know, but they are within reach of any good web marketer and marketers who are up to date with the market.

  • Quality is much more important than quantity. It won’t do you any good to post several articles in a short period of time, the secret is to get you backlinks for your content (post 1 article per month and focus on bringing backlinks). If you want I can recommend the best SEO course in Portuguese, abs!

  • Course recommendation has great chance of getting spam signage, and is not part of the scope of the site. On the merits of quality, as I have already dealt with this in earlier comments on this very issue. The fact is that any good web developer is better than "specialist" in SEO, as it is part of the profession. About the post (converted into comment, with 2 community signs), when you have 50 points you will be able to leave comments on any post, the answer field is only for actual solutions to the question. [help] can give you a better sense of how to use the site well.

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SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization", which means "search engine optimization", or website optimization. SEO is the set of strategies with the aim of enhancing and improving the positioning of a site in the pages of natural (organic) results on the search sites.

In other words, SEO is a kind of technical marketing, it’s something where you depend not only on the website and the marketing part, but you should also follow basic rules of mathematical logic imposed by Google’s algorithms and other search engines, for your site to stand out from the competition, among them is choosing the correct keywords for your article and the natural growth of the number of links pointing to your site, instead of doing as many people who use programs to create outreach links and end up getting hurt after.

I’ll give you some tips I found on the Internet to help you improve your site’s SEO:

  1. Customize the Titles of Your Pages
  2. Create Your Own Logo
  3. Create Custom Titles in Google for Your Pages
  4. Hide the Unnecessary Pages
  5. Put Names in Your Images (ALT Attribute)
  6. Write Intelligent and Original Content
  7. Use Specific Keywords for each Page
  8. Sign up for Local Directories
  9. Use the social networks
  10. Monitor Your Progress with SEO Tool
  11. Use the 301 Redirect
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    I’m giving her a +1 for being succinct and objective, without demonizing SEO as if it were a secret science.

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    Thank you very much, friend, I have worked so much without recognition that I did not already know what were praises, rs.

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    +1 good answer. Only in this reply, already won 4 'praises'(votes).

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    By the way, welcome to Sopt! I don’t know if you’ve been told the [tour] to know how the community works. : D

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    How to create your own logo can help?

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    If the site is compatible with mobile browsers and is secure (via https) it can also help.

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Complementing the responses of colleagues, you need to optimize your page so that the search engines can find it according to your search parameters, but for this should be taken into account:

  1. Each search engine has its own algorithm, and this one undergoes constant changes. Google has an SEO algorithm different from Yahoo for example, and to suit both, you should study them and tailor your page.
  2. Each SEO algorithm has its own specific parameters and rules. It is worth studying them to get better results. Example: In your HTML, create metatags to label/categorize content and subjects, use keywords, synonyms and etc.
  3. Having on your blog links to other famous blogs or pages with great access also helps a lot, but this should also be done in the right way.
  4. Using google Adwords is worth it! Google is the most widely used search engine (at least in Brazil) and using its API s gives you a good advantage. To give you an idea, the website of the company I worked on had poor or almost non-existent SEO and after hiring Adwords, the volume of access to the page grew absurdly, because it was positioned as first in the searches because of Adwords.

I suggest hiring an SEO analyst to advise you for a few hours (they charge per hour usually) and getting organized on your blog. So you optimize it for SEO and following the work, get a good notion.

I also suggest paying Adwords at least at the beginning for you to have an initial disclosure and then keep.

The work of SEO is constant, needs to be optimized always. If you want to be always in the first places get used to the idea. And if you can’t, don’t be discouraged! There are specialized companies that stay 24 hours because of this and still can not get on the first page of google results.

Depending on your case, be happy to appear on the third or fourth page. Adwords, on the other hand, can put you on the first page, remember this!

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    I think hiring an SEO analyst for it is impractical at the moment. The idea here is just to learn how to do without investing too much (or no money at all).

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    SEO analyst is usually a guy who charges to do what a good web content developer already does as part of the service. It’s like sending a car to the mechanic and having to pay a separate guy to change the spring from the left rear suspension. It’s funny how people like to be cheated in Brazil.

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